THE camera neck strap – the “Slide” camera sling strap from Peak Design

I first presented this camera neck strap in a blog article last month and promised to do a more thorough review after having used it on several of my cameras. This is that review, and I am happy to report that this neck strap really impresses me. It is not perfect, and I will highlight an issue I had later along with a hack to make it better.

One Neck strap for all of your camera bodies

Before purchasing the “Slide” last month, I had a mix of neck straps on my camera bodies: those supplied with the camera and a couple third-party straps that made do for times when I decided to use a particular camera. As a result I had a mix of experiences in using them too, and while I never really put much thought into it at all I now wish that I had. My experience with the “Slide” the last few weeks has been a very positive one. Some of my outings have been with family, to high school football games, on an overnight camping trip, and also by myself just enjoying some of the beautiful fall weather.

Having this one neck strap (and the same features that go with it) for all of my cameras was a delight. I’ve been storing the neck strap in my camera bag side pocket. When I was ready to go out with a camera, all I needed to do was grab the strap and camera I wanted and with two quick attachment points at the ready on any camera (I purchased additional anchors just for this convenience) it was almost effortless.

Quick anchoring of the “Slide” neck strap

Using the “Slide”

This may seem trite, but the nicest feature of the “Slide” neck strap is its ability to, well, slide! Whether slung around the neck or over the shoulders, I found it very nice to be able to swing my camera into shooting position with a quick slide on my shoulder. As you may recall from my blog article, one side of the strap has a rubberized gripping area (see photo below) that prevents slippage when you want the strap to sit securely upon your shoulder. Just flip the strap around and it grips.

Rubberized gripping area on one side of the “Sling”

Once I finished shooting in a particular location (or at a subject) another slide to position the camera where I want it at rest, then a flip of the strap to grip, and the camera is secure.

My one pet peeve

While this neck strap was an improvement over any other neck strap I have ever used, it was not perfect. The features I highlighted above, in changing from grip to slide surfaces of the strap had an annoying side effect: twisted anchor straps (see photo below).

Twisted anchor straps became annoying

This didn’t become a huge problem, but it did lead to some cumbersome handling that really is unnecessary.

A hack to overcome the twisty anchors

Not only am I a photographer but also a fisherman. When I found the twisty anchor strap to be irritating, it led me to think of a solution: a fishing line swivel.

A pack of four costs a few dollars. I put them on all my camera bodies. This simple hack got rid of the twisty anchor situation I discovered during my testing of the “Slide” neck strap from Perak Design. Now it is that much closer to perfection!

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Happy Shooting!

THE camera neck strap – the “Slide” camera sling strap from Peak Design


Slide surface


Grip surface





  • One strap fits any camera
  • Easy adjustments
  • Grip/Slide surfaces
  • Easy attach/detach function


  • Twisty Anchor Straps

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to know more about the camera neck strap, I have a Canon and I really hate the neck strap that came with the camera, I never get it right and it can hurt my neck, as my husband asked me what would I want to get for my birthday present, I thought about something for my camera, maybe one new lens and why not a new camera neck strap and I’m glad I found your website today as this camera neck strap looks like it will do great and I will ask my husband to get also a couple of fishing line swivel! Thank you for sharing this last good tip!

    • Hello Alejandra, Yes this is a great and affordable gift idea. The more that I use this setup on any of my cameras the more I enjoy and appreciate how it is designed. I do hope that your husband gets this for you, and Happy Birthday!


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