Best Nikon Lens for Portraits – AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 prime lens

In 35 mm format photography a “normal” 50mm lens is very good for many tasks including portraiture, but the 85 mm short telephoto really shines in this style of photography. This Nikkor lens has evolved over the years and as a review I am committed to presenting you information from personal experience with a product … Read more

Markins M10 Ball Head & Baseplate

24-Sep-2020 I have owned this gear as long as I’ve had my Gitzo tripod, and I’ll say this right up front: I love this ball head. Yes, I am a Markins fan boy. This is not to say that I would never consider another brand. Any competitor will have to work very hard to overcome … Read more

Gitzo GT2530 Carbon Fiber Tripod

21-Sep-2020 The photo here is the actual tripod I have owned since 2007. Despite owning and using this heavy duty camera tripod for 13 years now, it remains in absolutely excellent shape. Admittedly it has been lightly used over these years yet I have traveled with it , carried, and used it outdoors. These days … Read more