Digital photo storage options – not your father’s method of archiving

Hard Disk Drive

The (sometimes very painful) Achille’s heel of digital photo storage is that unlike maintaining files of slides or negatives in archival sleeves, your digital images become an issue of computer file management. Things can go wrong, terribly wrong in fact, if you don’t have a backup strategy and haphazardly copy files to various cloud services. … Read more

Carbon fiber camera tripods

To compare and contrast with my earlier post about Lightweight Camera Tripods this category of carbon fiber camera tripods is about the high end of the tripod category. These tripods are truly an investment for a photographer, being in a similar price range of some new DSLRs. What are tripods? What actually is a tripod … Read more

Flash Photography Technique – improve images with artificial light

With some easily applied methods of artificial lighting you can expand your skill set by developing your flash photography technique. Some of what I’ll cover in this post can be done with your existing equipment or with a minimal (less than $20) investment in an accessory or two. Use your camera’s built-in flash for fill … Read more