Lightweight Camera Tripods – light & compact but sturdy

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If you are an outdoors enthusiast, travel a lot, or just want a lightweight camera tripod to avoid lugging around your primary gear that is bulkier and heavier this class of tripods is for you. I’m going to provide a quick review of Lightweight Camera Tripods available for under $100 – a price that is affordable for many people. These tripods are suitable for supporting any modern Nikon DSLR or Nikon Film camera. So moving ahead in no particular order …

K&F Concept 62” DSLR Tripod

Lightweight Camera Tripods - K&F Concept 62'' DSLR Tripod
K&F Concept 62” DSLR Tripod

This sleek looking tripod weighs in at just under 3 pounds. It includes a ball head mount (see my earlier post about this) with the ball diameter measuring 28 mm. It comes with a camera mounting plate with a locking dovetail design that allows for quick mounting/dismounting of your camera. Made of aluminum, it extends to 62 inches in height (with the center column extended). For maximum stability (without the center column) the tripod reaches 52.4 inches, and folds down to a compact 16.1 inches. Rated load capacity is 8 Kg, or 17.6 pounds. The hinged, independent leg design provides and adaptable stand for low angle shooting or when dealing with an uneven surface such as rocky or hilly terrain. Quick-release leg clamps will make it easy to deploy and clamp down leg sections with minimal effort.

GEEKOTO 77” Tripod

Lightweight Camera Tripods -GEEKOTO 77'' Tripod
GEEKOTO 77” Tripod

The attractive and adaptable GEEKOTO tripod can be configured as both tripod and monopod, with the maximum tripod height reaching 77 inches, and the monopod configuration going up to 81.5 inches. This tripod is rated at a load capacity of 17.6 pounds, and made of aluminum the tripod itself only weighs 3.4 pounds. It includes a ball head mount. It includes a camera plate.

The tripod folds down to a mere 19 inches for storage and transport. There are three preset leg angles at 20 degrees (nominal standing position), wider at 50 degrees, and low angle at 80 degrees. The center column may be inverted to hang your camera upside-down for very close to ground angle shots.

MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod

With a load capacity of 33 pounds (15 Kg) this sleek tripod will support any SLR in your bag. Made of aluminum alloy, it weighs only 2.9 pounds making it perfect for travel/outdoor use. The 4-section extendable legs have quick-lock clamps for easy deployment. From a folded down dimension of 17.5 inches, the tripod extends to 62.5 inches maximum height and also configures as a monopod reaching as high as 64 inches. It includes a ball head mount. It includes a camera plate. It even includes a cell phone mount and carry bag!

Lightweight Camera Tripods -MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod
MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod

MACTREM 80″ Camera Tripod

Want more height? Mactrem also offers this version of their ball head mount tripod reaching a sky high 80 inches! That’s 6 feet, 8 inches tall for all you basketball player photographers!! The rest of us will need a step stool. All kidding aside, this affordable tripod has all the features of its smaller brother above:

  • Ball head
  • Camera mounting plate
  • Aluminum construction
  • Quick-lock leg clamps
  • Cell phone mount (included)
  • Carry bag (included)
Lightweight Camera Tripods -MACTREM 80" Camera Tripod
MACTREM 80″ Camera Tripod


This brief review of four currently available lightweight camera tripods hopefully gives you a pathway to choose a very affordable tripod to help in your photography endeavors. All of these are priced under a hundred dollars making them all equally affordable. No matter which tripod you choose to include in your photographic arsenal, the best one is the one you USE to minimize camera shake to make all of your images as sharp and in focus as possible.

Get in the habit of shooting on a tripod as often as you can. Most people don’t do this – and that’s OK. We should all do it to set our images apart from those that don’t. Use a tripod whenever you shoot at shutter speeds below 1/125 second, use mirror lock-up for very slow speeds, and use a tripod when you shoot with a long lens. For very large lenses the lens itself may need a mounting bracket of its own. Heavy glass needs to be supported by the tripod, and consider using additional weight on top of the lens, such as a bean bag to help minimize vibrations and help counterbalance the camera body (now only connected to the lens). Taking seemingly small and inconsequential steps to improve the sharpness of your images can reap many rewards. Do some experimenting and see for yourself.

Happy Shooting!

4 thoughts on “Lightweight Camera Tripods – light & compact but sturdy”

  1. Oh, this is good. As a photographer, I understand the big importance of having a good camera tripod that can work really well for me. I think the different recommendation you have here are all good but I am hoping that you can tell me about one that you have used before. Do you have any experience using any of these?

    • Thank you for your comments Suz!  I must admit that I do not own any of these lightweight tripods (but at under $100 I may get myself one to add to my gear). I regularly use a Gitzo carbon fiber composite tripod that is medium weight, and because of the material used is a lot more expensive.  I plan to do another post about these in the days ahead. I’ve actually mentioned the tripod I use in another post, but a dedicated post on this other class of tripods is called for.

      Thank you again for your helpful comments!  -Bob

  2. The place of a tripod can never be overlooked considering all the things that has to fo with photography and recording. I love taking my shots on tripods because they are quite better and they help better with stability too on my path. In all, I have the GEEKOTO 77” Tripod in my studio. Thank you and you are right and spot on here


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