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Nikon Camera Accessories is a site derived from my passion for photography and the desire to help other Nikon photographers learn about and select the best gear to complement the cameras that we love to use. While I have owned and used other brands of camera equipment, my love for Nikon gear developed (pun intended) and matured over the past 20 years or so. In fact, I have to admit that I always wanted to be a Nikon owner but in my youth I just couldn’t afford the gear!

A little background

My name is Bob Solimeno and I am a Photographer based in southwestern Ohio. Having studied photography with the New York Institute of Photography in the early 1990’s, my work is now focused on the Real Estate and Stock Photo markets. My earlier career as a scientist in the graphic arts industry fully involved my technical talent in the development of new paper and ink technologies in the digital imaging arena.

My interest in photography began all the way back in High School when I took a photography class and learned all the basics, including darkroom chemistry and operations. The first 35 mm camera I ever used was an Agfa rangefinder camera that my Dad bought in Germany when he was stationed there in the army, and he gave to me when my interest in photography became apparent. Not long after that I saved and saved until I could afford to buy my first SLR: a Canon AE-1. Fast forwarding to the early 2000’s is when I sold the AE-1 and began acquiring Nikon gear: first a Nikon F100, then the F5, soon after came the D1X and then a D300. I still love film, and shoot both digital and film for different reasons. Now my daughter is learning photography in High School and I’m really enjoying seeing her taking up this wonderful avocation.

The eye of the photographer matters most

We all know that all cameras are essentially a dark box that captures a tiny quantum of light to render an image, be it on a digital sensor or on film. It is really the “eye of the photographer” that chooses what the image will be. Yet modern cameras have all sorts of bells and whistle to make all different sorts of image capture possible. Beyond that there are flash units, tripods, lenses, gear bags, cable releases, and on and on … that augment a photographer’s ability to capture that ideal image desired.

I am here to help

The goal of Nikon Camera Accessories is to present, compare, review, and offer options to the Nikon Photographic community. We’re here to distill the incredible variety of accessories available on the market down to those that are most current, most useful, and well-made to do the job.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to send me an email message at the address below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Bob Solimeno

Founder, Nikon Camera Accessories

email: bob@nikoncameraaccessories.com

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